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The Argument Against Daylight Savings Time

Petition No 0622/2017 by Fynn Brackmann (German) on the abolition of summer/winter time in the EU

Daylight Savings Time has been a long held tradition across the globe, but today’s most accomplished and intelligent minds are constantly questioning why. The practice began around the time of World War I when it was implemented to conserve energy. It was thought that since lighter evenings yielded less of a need for illumination, we should try to maximize the number of lighted evening hours, thus tacking on an extra hour of darkness in the morning and adding an extra hour of daylight in the evening. Back in the days when the only source of energy being used in the evenings was lighting, this made sense. With these reasons in mind, Daylight Savings was a sensible solution to the problems of the day, but now we have to wonder why we are still insisting on continuing this tradition?

The general consensus is that all the reasons why the world started the process of Daylight Savings have now either been resolved by modern technology, rendered null and void by modern living practices, or flat out debunked. Let’s take a look at the main theory that support Daylight Savings, and the modern day answers to these long-held beliefs.

“Daylight Savings will conserve energy costs”

Probably very true for the time in which Daylight Savings was enacted, but today’s standard living practices have folded this idea- and in some cases even the opposite has become true. With a significant portion of today’s global population utilizing electric or gas air conditioning and heating, the argument can be made that energy costs are actually raised during times of Daylight Savings. Think about it- in spring/ summer months when we are enjoying an extra hour of daylight, for most of the world that means we are also keeping our air conditioning on longer than we would normally. Air conditioning costs more to run than lighting your home does. It could also mean that people remain outdoors during this extra hour, traveling to outdoor activities, which utilizes gas. Also during these months people are still continuing to wake up and go to work in the morning, and with darker morning hours that means electricity is still being utilized- just at a different time of day. As you can see here the argument for Daylight Savings simply does not coincide with today’s energy usage.

Additional Arguments Against Daylight Savings

Countless studies over the years have gone further to support an abolishment of Daylight Savings not only due to various economic arguments, but also significant health reasons. Researchers have found that the sleep pattern adjustment necessary for the average human to adapt to a change in time accounts for increased fatigue and stress elevation. Making people change their sleeping habits and schedules twice a year is simply unnecessary.

Nowadays, Daylight Savings has become at best an inconvenience, and at worst an economic and mental strain for the average person. As a modern society we simply do not need to practice this tradition any longer.

The Argument Against Daylight Savings Time


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